Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Martha-filled post

More satisfying than a jelly-filled donut.. well, maybe.

I am a subscriber to Martha Stewart's ultra fab daily email blasts, Craft of the Day and Organizing Tip of the Day. So even on days like this one when I'm miserable and sick in bed, I can ooh and ahh over Martha's ideas and be productive in spirit.

A recent Organizing Tip of the Day: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet. Oh, Martha, don't tease. That's certainly something that has always alluded me. When we lived in the city and there were cheap wash-n-fold places aplenty, I used to send all of our laundry out. I was always so fascinated as to how they got the sheets to fold all crisp and neat like. I was convinced they had a magical sheet-folding machine hidden in the back. The amount of joy I get from nicely folded things is disturbing, and probably a direct result from my years folding t-shirts at a big national clothing store. Anywhoo. Way off track here. What I want to say is THANKS Martha for finally clearing this up for me. I highly recommend signing up for Martha emails (she has others, too - like Cookie of the Day)

Martha tidbit #2:
All Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels are right this very moment 25% off. This rarely happens, folks, so run over and snap up all of your Martha goodies. I just got THIS, THIS, and a whole mess of THIS. Don't tell the husband I bought more ribbon, kthnxbai.

*Martha discounts trump sickness. Apologies to all of the michael's employees I may have infected. I know, I know... my mother would not approve.

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